2015 Resolutions

At the 2015 MACD Annual Convention in Missoula, Montana, representatives from Montana’s Conservation Districts passed the following resolutions:

Resolution 15-1, Clarification and coordination of 310 and floodplain permitting

This resolution was brought forward by Lewis & Clark Conservation District, and resolves that MACD work with DNRC to provide outreach to floodplain administrators and conservation districts about the appropriate timing of the permitting process; that MACD work with DNRC to find solutions to the engineering requirements and permitting delays; and that if deemed necessary, MACD pursue legislative action to change floodplain statutes to address these concerns. Full Text

Updates to this resolution:SB313 is currently moving through the 2017 legislature.

Resolution 15-2, Clarification and coordination of outreach regarding Board of Oil and Gas Form 22

This resolution was brought forward by Roosevelt Conservation District, and resolves that MACD work with the Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation to amend the wording on the Board of Oil & Gas Conservation Form 22 to better inform an operator that a 310 permit covers projects in addition to stream crossings; and should contact the local conservation district in order for the district to determine if a 310 permit is required; and that MACD request the Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation to encourage operators prior to filling out the Board of Oil & Gas Conservation Form 22, to meet with the local conservation districts to determine the extent of the local conservation district’s jurisdiction over well pads under the 310 Law. Full Text

Updates to this resolution: Form 22 has been updated as a result of this resolution. DNRC conducted a presentation in 2016 at a meeting of oil and gas practitioners.

Resolution 15-3, Use Local Ecological Knowledge to Incorporate Predation Concerns Into Ecological Restoration for Endangered Species

This resolution was brought forward by Valley County Conservation District, and resolves that MACD work with the Sage Grouse Oversight Committee to address the impacts of predation on sage grouse populations, that MACD encourage the use of “local ecological knowledge” in assessing population impacts, and that MACD encourage the MSGOT to address all impacts to sage grouse populations. Full Text

Updates to this resolution: This resolution was passed onto the NACD Convention where it was passed with amendments and incorporated into NACD policy objectives. MACD continues to attend and monitor Montana Sage Grouse Oversight Committee meetings to identify further ways in which this resolution can be incorporated into state efforts.