Legislative Update: October 2020 Report


The MACD Board of Directors would like the weekly meetings of MACD (Rebecca Boslough and Jeff Tiberi) with DNRC to begin now.
The MACD Board directed Jeff Tiberi to prepare the Meet and Greet invites to partners to gauge interest, with the understanding that it may not happen. An invite letter has been drafted and Jeff is seeking the go ahead.
Jane Holzer at the MSCA organized a zoom in Pondera County Conservation District with three legislators. Jeff Tiberi and Rebecca Boslough participated. The budget picture for the next biennium was presented in stark form. Jeff Tiberi will be  covering the details of this at the November Legislative Ad Hoc Committee zoom. The hunt for alternative funding streams for Districts has intensified.
● Legislative Roundtable on Nov. 19th at MACD 2020 Convention:  Representative Greg Hertz will speak about the future of the Coal Tax Revenues. Representative Zach Brown has agreed to  speak about water issues. Mark Bostrom has agreed to speak about DNRC’s outlook.