Dates for 2024 Comprehensive Water Review – Stakeholder Working Group (SWG)

Montana is at a crossroads of new opportunities in water management and administration. We need to protect existing uses while still ensuring reliable supplies for growing communities and economies. The Comprehensive Water Review is the evaluation and reformation of state water administration undertaken by the Department to meet future water needs and protect existing users in the state of Montana. The Stakeholder Working Group is a facilitated forum for the Department to work alongside stakeholders on developing policy reforms for priority issues. More info is available on the DNRC Comprehensive Water Review webpage.

The dates and locations for the Comprehensive Water Review Stakeholder Working Group have been updated. The final calendar is also available here.

January 9-10 Lewistown

February 13 Helena

March 12-13 Kalispell

April 9-10 Miles City

May 14-15 Glasgow

June 5 Helena

July 9 Helena

August 19 Helena

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