CSKT Water Compact Update

This item is a follow up on a previous email sent to you about the CSKT Water Compact and the District Court. I heard that there were questions about the lawsuit.

Only one case remains in state court concerning this Compact. The Flathead Joint Board of Control, comprised of three irrigation districts, versus the Montana State Legislature will have a hearing in the District Court in Lake County on 18th March. We do not know how long the judge will take to act after the hearing.

The Joint Board of Control filed a complaint in the federal court, but it was dismissed. The JBoC filed an appeal, and no action has been taken as of this date.

The Attorney General’s Office would not speculate as to the future of either case.

Questions? Let me know.



Jeffrey Tiberi, Policy Director
Montana Association of Conservation Districts
1101 11th Avenue
Helena, Montana 59601

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