Bison Relocation Comments ref Fort Peck and Yellowstone National Park Bison

Conservation Districts—

The relocation of Yellowstone Park Bison has been a topic of concern for some Conservation Districts. Recently, The National Park Service released an Environmental Assessment (EA) to develop a bison quarantine facility on the Fort Peck Reservation.

MACD submitted the following comments on the Environmental Assessment for the proposed facility:

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YNP_BisonRelocationComments (PDF).

Additionally, the Montana Stockgrowers Association submitted the following comments:

Public Comment Period Extended

MSGA Members,

The National Park Service has recently released an Environmental Assessment (EA) to develop a bison quarantine facility on the Fort Peck Reservation. MSGA has reviewed the EA and determined that further action is needed; the EA is incomplete and does not include factual cost estimates, scientific rigor or adequate disease testing. MSGA is filing formal comments and requesting a full Environmental Impact Study for a more comprehensive look into this facility.

MSGA has worked closely with Senator Daines and Representative Zinke to extend the public comment period on this EA. Together with Senator Daines and Representative Zinke we have successfully extended the deadline from February 15th to February 29th; allowing for more time to review this EA. The future decision stemming from this EA is not to be taken lightly as it could greatly affect Montana and its ranchers. MSGA will continue to work on behalf of its members and the ranching community to influence this issue.

We have included a link to the NPS extension as well as a copy of a letter from Senator Daines and Representative Zinke to the Director of the National Park Service.

We encourage our members to submit comments. To view the EA or to submit comments please visit the NPS website.

For more information, questions or comments, please contact the MSGA office at (406) 442-3420 or via email at


If any of you would like to comment on the Environmental Assessment, you can do so at this website. If you do comment, please send us an email with your comments so that we can coordinate actions.



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