Two key pieces of CD Legislation are in Committee this week. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Comments from CD boards or individual supervisors will be critical to moving both bills forward!

Critical Action Alert  HB 321: Generally revise laws related to the coal trust

A key Conservation District funding bill (HB 321) will be up in House Taxation on Wednesday (2/1) at 8am. 

  • If you would like to come to Helena to testify in person on 2/1, please let Rebecca ( know ASAP.
  • Please send an email or telephone your Representative if they are on the House Taxation Committee (See list below – click on names for contact information). Even if you do not have a member on the committee – a general letter of support for CD funding would be very impactful!  This task needs to be completed by noon on Tuesday, January 31st if it is to be impactful.

The attached letter is only a guide. Your words referring to your situation are much more powerful.  

House Taxation Committee Members

Paul Fielder  (R) HD 13Chair
Mark Thane  (D) HD 99Vice Chair
Tom Welch  (R) HD 72Vice Chair
Kim Abbott  (D) HD 83Member
Brad Barker  (R) HD 58Member
Larry Brewster  (R) HD 44Member
Alice Buckley  (D) HD 63Member
Edward B Butcher  (R) HD 29Member
Jill Cohenour  (D) HD 84Member
Sherry Essmann  (R) HD 52Member
Dave Fern  (D) HD 5Member
Joshua Kassmier  (R) HD 27Member
Scot Kerns  (R) HD 23Member
Rhonda Knudsen  (R) HD 34Member
Marty Malone  (R) HD 59Member
Marilyn Marler  (D) HD 90Member
Russel Miner  (R) HD 19Member
George Nikolakakos  (R) HD 26Member
Melissa Romano  (D) HD 81Member
Tanner Smith  (R) HD 11Member
Sue Vinton  (R) HD 56Member
Megan MooreLegislative Branch Staffer
Brigitte BellefleurSecretary

Critical Action Alert   HB 295: Revise Nepotism Laws Related to Small Communities

A key CD bill on nepotism (coming from a Resolution passed at the 2022 Convention) will be up in House Local Government Committee on Thursday (2/2) at 3pm.

Please let Rebecca ( and Jeff ( know if you sent in testimony on either HB 321 or HB 295. THANK YOU!

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