Action Alert: SB 28 (CD Funding)

Critical Action Alert  SB 28: Provide funding for conservation districts (from marijuana tax dollars) – Sponsored by Sen. Lang

SB 28 will be up for a vote on the Senate floor this week (likely Tues or Wed). SB 28 is the bill that came out of the Environmental Quality Council (EQC) and would use marijuana tax dollars to provide increased funding for CDs. 

ACTION: Please contact your SENATOR and encourage a ‘YES’ vote on SB 28 

  • You can look up (1) who your SENATOR is and (2) their contact info HERE.

General talking points:

  • Please Support SB 28 (as amended) when it is up for a vote on the Senate Floor this week!
  • State funding from coal severance tax for conservation districts is (1) not at an adequate level and (2) has been unstable in recent years. 
  • Finding an adequate, long term, stable funding source that will allow individual Districts to (1) fulfill their mandated duties and (2) address increasing local needs related to land use changes, increasing populations, development, and natural disasters (ex 2022 flooding, 2017 fires, etc). Within the next four years, SB 28 would help provide adequate funding for district operations (ex. ~$80-90k total operational budget per district, including funds from local mills) as well as some project funding and other capacity needs.
  • ***SHARE the impact this would have in YOUR DISTRICT. What would stable + increased funding allow your district to work on? What would be the impact for conservation and local communities? 
  • More detailed information on SB28 is available HERE

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