Resolution 10-09

Aquatic Invasive Species

WHEREAS, the waterways in the United States are quickly becoming populated with a variety of non native aquatic species;

WHEREAS, the cost of operating agriculture irrigation systems, electrical power generators, municipality drinking water systems and other surface water dependent usage is irreparably and significantly impacted when an aquatic invasive species is introduced;

WHEREAS, an aquatic invasive species introduction into a waterway often threatens the existence of native aquatic species, thus having the potential of invoking an onerous and costly threatened or endangered species designation;

WHEREAS, the primary and most common method of spreading aquatic invasive species is through transportation of recreational and commercial watercraft.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that MACD petition the Montana Legislature to promulgate, pass and fund legislation that requires mandatory watercraft inspections for all watercraft that are traveling into Montana and all watercraft within Montana that are traveling from waterway to waterway.

Submitted by:  Lake County CD  

Area Meeting Action:  Passed Area V

MACD Committee Assignment/Recommendation:  Education/Do Pass

General Session Action: PASSED AS AMENDED


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