Legislative update: November 2020 Report


  • November was almost consumed with the Area Meetings and the MACD Convention.
  • A survey was sent to the Districts regarding a possible new funding source for conservation Districts. MACD is seeking direction regarding the possibility of MACD asking the Legislature for revenues from marihuana taxes.
  • The Legislative Ad Hoc Committee asked the MACD Board of Directors about the possibility of making changes to the timing of the 2021 Meet and Greet. The request is that the Meet and Greet would not be set in January, but the possibility of a Meet and Greet further on in the new year would be considered as the Session and the pandemic unfold. This item is on the MACD December board agenda.
  • The minutes of the November LAHC zoom were sent to all the Districts. I encourage you to read those minutes, as there are two legislative resolutions (NOT MACD resolutions) the committee addressed.
  • With the help of DNRC, Rebecca made a “Preference List” of the bills that may or could impact Conservation Districts. There are currently 167 bills on that list, but thankfully most will not impact Districts – but we do not know that for sure until we see the actual text of the bill draft. Contact me if you’d like a copy of that list. (See item #16 below for more details)
  • There are lots of other issues that MACD is dealing with, some of great interest (at least to me). If you’d like to hear what MACD is up to please join us on the open-to-all Friday zooms. Rebecca sends out zoom invites to all Districts each week.

The full report was emailed to all District Administrators. Please contact Jeff Tiberi if you have any questions or need a copy of the report.