Legislative Update 2/11/21

We have been sending out legislative updates to our email list rather than the policy blog.  If you would like more detailed information, please reach out to Jeff Tiberi (tiberi52@gmail.com) for meeting minutes.

  1. MACD testified in support of confirming Amanda Kaster as the new DNRC Director and Hank Worsech as the new FWP Director, as well as in support of funding for AIS and fisheries biologies in the FWP budget
  2. HB 374 (previously LC 943) text has been released. This bill includes a coal tax funding fix for the current fiscal year. See line 28 on the first page and line 1 on the second page. https://leg.mt.gov/bills/2021/billpdf/HB0374.pdf
  3. Bills that contain critical funding for DNRC and conservation districts are scheduled for Executive Action next week (HB 2,6,7,8,14)
  4. There are many bills with recent action, including HJ7 – Joint resolution regarding the St. Mary and Milk River Project; LC3331 – Hidden Pasture WSA resolution; and SB-180 Soil Health Study.
  5. Jim and Dean will be in Helena on February 26th to meet with agency directors as well as the Governor’s Natural Resource Advisor.