MACD Budget Proposal for Districts presented during May EQC Meeting

MACD Executive Director Rebecca Boslough-King presented a proposal for CD Funding at the most recent Environmental Quality Council (EQC) meeting. The budget focuses on funding for districts to be able to have base operational budgets of $80,000 – $100,000. The EQC voted to put $6 million of total funding towards conservation districts in the draft CD Funding Bill. All of this funding would run through the DNRC Conservation Districts Bureau.

This draft bill for CD funding still needs to receive final approval from the committee, be taken up by a sponsor, make it through both the House and Senate during the 2023 session, and be signed by the Governor. All that to say – there is a long road ahead, but this is tremendous progress for Conservation Districts and a good place to move forward from.

Click here to watch MACD’s presentation and the EQC discussion during the May meeting: (Start at approximately 14:15)

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